5 reasons water-lovers love Fort Erie!

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With its 42km of waterfront, Fort Erie has something for all residents


Fort Erie marks the spot where Lake Erie flows into the Niagara River, and thanks to these two famous bodies of water, the town has more waterfront than any other municipality in the Niagara region.  Fort Erie’s shoreline is about the same length as Toronto’s, but with only 30,000 residents, the water’s edge here is much quieter and more secluded.

Thanks to the town’s geography, Fort Erie’s residents have easy access to so many water-related recreations.  Whether cooling down in the summer or enjoying activities ideal for any given season, there’s something for every taste and for every age.  Here are the top five!

Sand beach on Lake Ontario early Spring

#1 Waverly Beach

Fort Erie’s shoreline is dotted with lake access points, including six waterfront parks. Waverly Beach is particularly notable.  As the beach nearest to the Peace Bridge, it not only offers great views of the Buffalo skyline, but it’s also adjacent to Old Erie Beach, where one can saunter along the shore and step along on concrete ruins from the old amusement park which had entertained thousands until it closed in 1930.

Waverly Beach is a hidden gem for local residents, as it doesn’t get the out-of-town traffic that Fort Erie’s Crystal Beach, is used to.   It’s a great place to compete in a thrilling game of beach volleyball, indulge in a beach picnic, soak up the sun, and create lasting memories with friends and family.  Moreover, to complete your afternoon at the beach, Waverly Beach features great trails where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the shade.

#2 Crystal Beach

Bay Beach in the Crystal Beach area is renown by beach aficionados throughout the GTHA. But Fort Erie residents certainly have it best – if you live in town, a season pass to the beach is only $10!

With its pristine sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, it’s a great destination to unwind on the soft sand, take a refreshing dip, or throw the football around while enjoying the panoramic views of Lake Erie.

Bay Beach gives the area its distinct lakeside community atmosphere, with quaint shops and delicious eateries along the main strip.  More reasons to pack the cooler, grab beach towels and blankets, and head out to Crystal Beach!

Summertime fun in Ontario at Fort Erie's Crystal Beach
Ontario's Lakes are perfect for watersports including jet skis!

#3  Watercraft and Watersports

With two public marinas and 10 places to launch your boat, it’s easy for Fort Erie residents to ride the waves.  Jet skis, deck boats, bow riders, and fishing boats regularly ply the waters of the lake and the upper Niagara.

Small boats and paddle craft also enjoy the quiet, meandering Black Creek that empties into the river near the town’s boundary to the north. Water sport equipment rental businesses can be found on the river and lake alike, for added convenience to residents.

#4 Fisherman’s Delight

Bass, Pike, Walleye, Salmon, Trout, Perch and more.  If you enjoy fishing and know your stuff, there’s never a shortage of places to cast your line.  The fast moving current along the waterfront near the Peace Bridge is a popular spot to fish from shore, and Lake Erie is ideal for boat anglers – whether fishing casually, or competitively as part of an organized fishing derby.

The perfect spot to get out and fish, and make new memories!
Fort Erie is the perfect location to paddle board! offering numerous beaches

#5 Windmill Point

Windmill Point Park and Campground is a popular retreat for many locals, not just for camping, but for its very unique water feature.  The park is located around a 12-acre quarry that it spring-fed and sand-lined, resulting in crystal clear waters and active aquatic life.  It’s a fantastic place for swimming, as well as snorkeling and even scuba diving. Paddle boards, kayaks and life jackets are all available for convenient rental too.

You can frolic in the Windmill Point quarry by purchasing a day pass, or as a campground guest – seasonal and overnight sites are available.    

These are the highlights for taking advantage of Fort Erie’s shoreline and waterfront, but there are plenty of hidden gems. Local residents tend to gravitate towards their personal favourites. It’s always exciting to explore and find new water experiences that bring you closer to nature, help you cool down, or just let you get your feet wet!

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