Building Green

The benefits to green homes are endless – for its occupants, the environment, and the planet. An increasing number of homeowners are looking to minimize their environmental impact and expenses by incorporating sustainable technology and practices into their homes.

Not only does building green encourage a healthy and comfortable environment for you, your family, and your guests, but overall it will leave a smaller environmental footprint on the planet, which is something that we are so happy to work towards as Niagara’s Green Builder.

Our team proudly provides innovative, eco-friendly materials and construction technologies that position us years ahead of building code standards. Silvergate Homes was the first Niagara builder to apply the ENERGY STAR® environmental standard to an entire community of homes. We are the proud recipients of the Niagara Home Builders’ Association’s very first Excellence in Green Construction/Renovation Award, an accolade that reflects our environmental leadership, which has been recognized by our peers and within the Niagara home building industry.

ENERGY STAR® certified homes are tested by a third party air-tightness specialist, so when you move in you can be confident in a healthier, eco-friendly, energy efficient home.


Everything’s Greener with Silvergate Homes

Silvergate Homes builds Healthy Homes for our Homeowners! EnergyStar CertifiedSilvergate Homes’ ENERGY STAR® certified homes also have a lighter environmental footprint. Built to energy efficiency standards well above the provincial average, these homes typically produce over 1,000 kilograms LESS of greenhouse gases (GHGs) each year than other new homes.

Other benefits to the planet (and your wallet) include*:

  • An ENERGY STAR® certified home is built to be about 20% more energy efficient than a typical home
  • Lower energy consumption conserves natural resources and protects our environment by reducing climate changing emissions
  • Energy saving features including high-performing windows and heating and cooling systems are attractive features for the next buyer adding in your resale process
  • Homes that have been certified with the blue ENERGY STAR® symbol are generally more air-sealed than a typical new home, and helps to reduce drafts and cold spots which will make you and your family more comfortable.  Plus! It helps to reduce dust, pollen, and pests from entering your home

Visit the ENERGY STAR® website to learn more about the benefits of these environmental certifications.

*Source: Government of Canada | Energy Star® Certified Homes


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