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 Seven Interior Design Trends that are Everywhere Right Now

Silvergate Homes strives to offer our homeowners the latest and greatest in design trends, features, finishes, building materials and styles, while staying true to our core value of offering quality craftsmanship and attention to detail for a finished product that stands the test of time.

From bold and striking design, to muted, subtle tones and finishes, homeowner needs and tastes have morphed and diversified at an incredible rate over the last few years, and so too have home design and décor trends been adapting in order to follow suit and keep pace.

Gone are the days of cookie cutter design and build. Instead personalization and customization as well as more edgy or adventurous design choices are being made, more than ever before, and we’re here for it.

The Silvergate Homes décor team has compiled a list of our favourite home design trends to consider when renovating, decorating or building your new home:

Bold, Flower Power (is making a comeback)

1. Bold, Flower Power (is making a comeback)

With most people having spent more time at home than they’ve been accustomed to, we are now seeing the grey craze coming to an end, slowly. Instead, we are seeing different shades of grey replaced with more vibrant colours and patterns. Everyone seems eager for bold change. Wallpaper is even seeing a resurgence, offering homeowners an inexpensive way to add eye-catching artistic flair over large spaces.  Pairing florals with shades of brown, such as chocolate, caramel, sand or camels will create a warm and inviting space for years to come.

Neutral palettes are also being set aside for bolder options in 2022.  Given that the 2022 Pantone Colour of the year is “Very Peri”; a purplish-periwinkle shade that is energetic, creative and cheerful, we anticipate seeing a lot of innovative colours incorporated into this year’s home design décor, accents and finishing touches. 

2. Black Accents Pop

Gone are the days of gold and silver fixtures being the most popular choice for homeowners. Make a statement with black fixtures in bathrooms – shower curtains, towel hooks, and faucets – creating a high contrast against white or light tiles. Black is the new black.

Silvergate Homes Design Trends | Black Accents Pop
Silvergate Homes | Design trend - Divided Spaces

3. Functional (but divided spaces)

With the rise of work-from-home, we see a shift from open concept layouts to more enclosed and functional spaces. Although open concept provides large living spaces with a greater sense of openness, it can lack privacy, especially for those who are working from home.  We’ll see a greater shift towards dividing spaces into functional and specialized areas moving forward.

4. Luxurious Glam Elevates your Space

Soft materials such as velvet and silk in deep, rich jewel tones, paired with oversized accessories such as ornate mirrors and framed pieces of art, are creating bold and glamourous living spaces. Frankly we’re on board with this trend!

Luxurious Glam Elevates your Space
Silvergate Homes Design Trend | Maximilism

5. Goodbye Minimalism. Hello Maximalism.

We’re seeing a clear shift away from clean lines, neutral colours and basic textures, resulting in simple and uncluttered spaces, common with the minimalism design style to a ‘more is more’ approach: layered patterning, bold and vibrant colours, over-abundance of accessories and art features, to create unique and one of a kind spaces.

6. Fur-Friendly Homes

Pet owners – and there are a lot more of them these days – are not only splurging on upgrades and design features based of their lifestyle, but also seeking specialty niche upgrades tailored for their pets. From dog washing stations in laundry room or mud rooms, to a built-in dog bowl area in their kitchens, creating aesthetically pleasing, but functional spaces for your furry companions is important to many homeowners and new homebuyers.

Silvergate Homes Design Trends | dog friendly decor and home features
Silvergate Homes Coachella Model Home | Award Winning Model Home

7. Unique Finishing Touches that Speaks to your Personality

From unique hardwood patterns laid out directly into the floor, to a mix of tile and hardwood to create breathtaking entryways, selecting and customizing unique finishing touches will set your home apart, and make it truly “yours”.

Your home is a special place and every aspect of the home building process should be carefully curated and considered with your needs and desires in mind. As a family focused business that strives to develop long lasting relationships with our owners, Silvergate Homes works closely in collaboration with you to make your new home or home renovation project dream a reality. When you build with us we want you to feel like you are part of our family too. From the day we first meet, to the design stage, to walk-throughs, to closing day, we are right there with you.

Every one of our homes is unique and customized to represent our client’s personal style. We’ll take all of your great ideas and make them come to life! Our talented and skilled trades and suppliers have been with us for years – some since day one – and they understand the quality we build and what our clients expect.

Building for your lifestyle for more than 35 years.

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