So you’re ready to buy a home. Is a new build right for you?

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We are often asked by prospective home buyers, “should I buy a new construction home?” This is a really great question. There are many factors involved in answering, but Silvergate Homes is happy to provide our insight, recommendations and professional opinion in order to help home-buyers make an informed decision!

There are many benefits of purchasing a newly constructed home, vs. a previously owned home:

More customization options.

Unlike buying a previously owned home, you have the opportunity to customize colours, layouts, finishes and aesthetics to meet your personal taste and lifestyle. Dog owner? Why not add a dog washing station in the laundry room. Wine connoisseur? A built-in wine fridge in the kitchen could be practical and just what you need. Love entertaining? Then an open concept main living area might be the perfect fit! Growing family? A finished basement increases your liveable space immensely.


New Model Home - 54 Tulip Tree Common
Silvergate Homes | Amuse by the Lake For Erie New Home Community

Modern designs inside and out.

If you’re into the latest design trends that include clean lines and geometric shapes, then a new home is the way to go. Gone are the exterior design trends of the past that included peaked roofs, arches, ornate columns and window shutters. Inside, we say goodbye to divided rooms and instead welcome functional open concept living spaces.

More environmentally friendly.

ENERGY STAR® rated windows, appliances and building codes are standard in newly constructed homes, helping homeowners save money on their utility bills as well as reduce their carbon footprint. As Niagara’s Green Builder, our team proudly provides innovative, eco-friendly materials and construction technologies that has advanced Silvergate Homes well beyond current building code standards. We were also the first Niagara home builder to apply the ENERGY STAR® environmental standard to an entire community of new homes. ENERGY STAR® certified homes are tested by a third party air-tightness specialist, so when you move in, you can be confident that you’re living in a healthy, eco-friendly and energy-efficient home.

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Legends on the Green

Robust community infrastructure.

New developments follow more rigorous and modern municipal planning standards. This means that drainage and sewer systems are better engineered than in older subdivisions. All of the underground pipes and drains are new and clean, and they haven’t been damaged by tree roots or wear and tear over time. It’s very rare to experience backup problems or basement flooding in a new subdivision.

Fewer surprises.

When purchasing a previously loved home, a downside can be that you have no idea what’s lurking behind the walls. And unfortunately, due to recent experience in real estate, bidding wars have become commonplace and people have felt forced to exclude home inspections as a condition of their offer. This has imposed many unforeseen issues upon new homebuyers, such as hidden fire damage or mould issues, roofing that was probably leaking for decades or basements that are prone to flooding.  With a new build, not only are key systems properly installed and inspected to much higher building code standards than in older homes, but in the rare occasion where something does need fixing, homeowners can rely on Tarion home warranty protection.

No renos required.

With a new home you can expect to move in and enjoy it from day one! The opposite – meaning renovations – can be common with resale homes, and it often isn’t pretty. Having to figure out the best way to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, finding the right contractor to do the work (hopefully in a timely manner), and then of course having to pay for it all, can create unnecessary headaches for homeowners. And while a new kitchen might be more of a “would like to have” as opposed to an “absolutely must have,” some renovations can be absolutely critical, such as a new roof or furnace.

Enjoys a higher resale value.

While many people view their homes as an investment, newer homes tend to provide homeowners with a higher resale value than previously owned homes. Realtors will attest to being able to drive bigger offers from newer neighbourhoods than from older subdivisions. Simply put, the market instinctively factors in many of the benefits of a new build when it settles on a fair sale price. Real estate doesn’t depreciate in the long run, so put yourself in a position for your house to appreciate nicely by buying a newly constructed home.

New Home Buyers
Happy New Home Owners | First Time Home Buyers

Three Simple Rules.

Regardless of whether you’re considering a new home construction or resale home, we recommend following these three simple rules to aid in making an informed decision:

  1. Be realistic – carefully examine your budget and determine what aspects of a home are valuable to you and your family.
  2. Take your time – don’t rush this very important financial and life-changing decision.
  3. Don’t be impulsive – don’t purchase a home on a whim, or make a snap decision; think it through and discuss your options with family, your financial advisor, trusted colleagues and friends.

Silvergate Homes is an award-winning custom home builder and renovator

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company with over 35 years of experience and knowledge. We have a saying at Silvergate that always rings true, “when you build with Silvergate Homes, you become part of our family.” With that in mind, we ensure that we only build new homes that we would want to live in. Exceptional quality and craftsmanship can be seen in each and every Silvergate home.

Contact us today to learn more about available homes for sale in Niagara, our communities and how Silvergate Homes can make your new home buying dream a reality.


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